Cocoday Coconut Water

Health by nature in a little box – 250 ml

Product Description

The favourite drink of sportsmen, sportswomen and stars known of their healthy way of life. The green, delicate liquid, the tropical people’s daily energy drink is nourishing, rich in mineral substances and natural electrolytes.
This product is different from the coconut milk which is an mashed, creamy mousse full of coco oil and made from the pulp and the water of coconut.
Coconut water has low contents of energy but very high contents of potassium, natural sugar and immediately absorbful proteins therefore it enhances the level of loading, mitigates and prevents the stiffness after overexertion in the case of increased physical requisition. Before sporting it has a hydrating and vitalizing effect, after sport it gives energy instantly and retrieves mineral substances makes its beneficial result in this way. On this account coconut water is kept in mind like sport drink so we can find it on the site of EFSA.
It has a good influence on the balance of acid-basis of human organism, helps the purifying of cells, namely it contributes the processes of poisons’ release.
Positive effects of coconut water:
• strengthens the resistance of organism
• rich in mineral substances and vitamins
• the materials inside in coconut water help the hydratation of the body
• has a beneficial effect on the balance of acid-basis
• contributes the obtaining of ideal body weight
• helps the regeneration of cells, in this way it delays aging
• mitigates the stiffness after overexertion
• supports digestion
• children can also consume
• lessens hangover
• reduces hypertension
• helps dissolving nephroliths

The main mineral substances:
• iron
• calcium
• magnesium
• phosphorous acid
• potassium
• sodium
• zinc
• copper
• manganese
• selenium
• nitrogen
• molybdenum
• boron

The most important vitamins:
• vitamin A
• vitamin C
• vitamin D
• vitamin E
• vitamin K
• vitamin B1
• vitamin B2
• vitamin B3
• vitamin B5
• vitamin B6
• vitamin B9
• vitamin B12
• choline

Sterilized with UHT.
State of origin: Indonesia
Available in: 250 ml, 500 ml box


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