Meru Coconut-flower Sugar

Taste of caramel healthy fineness


Product Description

Nowadays this traditional Asian sweetener is made from the nectar of the flower of coconut-palm is the one of the most recommended type of sugar. It is also called “wonder sugar” because of its numberless beneficial results. The earliest memorial dealt with its consumption and preparing was written 5000 years ago. The mode of processing has not changed since that time, only the water content is vaporized from the syrup gained from the flower. It means that the coconut-flower sugar Unpurifyed and unbleached, its taste is a little like caramel not like coconut. We can use it for making tea, coffee, cakes and cooking.

The glycemian index (GE) of the product is low (35) so it is absorbed slowly and it does not increase the level of blood sugar greatly.

The coconut-flower sugar involves a lot of mineral substances. In comparison with brown sugar its content of potassium is 18 times, the content of phosphorus 30 times and the content of zinc 10 times higher. In addition, it contains magnesium, iron, and vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6. The coconut-nectar are 16 types of amino acids to be found, the most of them is glutamine which supports the proceeding of the immune system and contributes to growth and regeneration of muscles in the case of sporting.


The main amino acids of coconut-nectar:
• tryptophan
• lysine
• histydine
• argynine
• asparagines acid
• treonine
• serine
• glutamine
• proline
• glycine
• alanine
• valine
• metyonine
• izoleucine
• leucine
• triozine
• fenilaniline


Its inozitol content is high as well which defends the liver because this material, increases the use of fat, prevents the deposit of fats in liver and bile helping the fat burning in this way. Moreover it has an sedative effect.


State of origin: Indonesia
Available in: 500 g pack and 400 g bucket


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