Meru Himalája Só

Meru Himalayan Salt

The healthiest salt in the world – 1 kg


Product Description

Fine-grained, rose, not cleaned chemically, not whitened, and contains no artificial materials. It is put in circulation in its natural form so it really can be called the most natural and most healthy salt in the world.


The Himalayan salt stands from sodium chloride 97-98 per cent in addition it includes further 84 mineral substances. It is recommended to add it to foods at the end of cooking for fear that the valuable materials perish.


The Himalayan salt crystal and the lamp is the popular instrument of bio-energeticants. Salt-rooms and salt-caves are suggested in many cases of illnesses like asthma, allergy, inflamed respiratory diseases, eczema, psoriasis, increased stress, depression, hyperactivity, croup, hay-fever, bronchitis, tracheitis, otitis, inflammation of the face cavity and vocal chords) however, we can inhale with Himalayan salted water at home as well.


Salt (like water) is the basic element of every life in the world. Nevertheless the traditional common salt is expressively deleterious to our health because every beneficial mineral substances are cleared away chemically, then some of them (for example iodine or fluorine) are mixed artificially. Moreover it involves a lot of synthetical materials like anti-adherences. So it is very important to use first quality salt while seasoning our foods.


Nevertheless, we must be temperate in eating any kind of salts inclusive of Himalayan salt. The daily portion of salt needs for human organism is 0,2 gram but we consumes 12-20 grams! This lies heavy on the kidney because it binds water which can lead to various illnesses. Take care of using salt!

State of origin: Pakistan
Available in: 1000 g pack


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