Delcoco Kókusztejszín vegán 1000 mlDelcoco Kókusztejszín gluténmentes 1000 ml

Del Coco Coconut Cream

Substituting for dairy cream

Product Description

It is an excellent substitution of cream in desserts, Asian foods, ice-creams in the case of diets free from milk (paleo, vegetarian, vegan, lactic sensitivity)
The coconut cream is made from selected coconuts with the blend of the coconut meat and water, so it has the coconut’s best features. This is why its taste is irresistibly aromatic and savoury when the product gets to you in completely fresh and natural condition.

It is easy of digestion and has a high content of energy. It involves no preservatives and artificial materials. In order to ensure the highest quality, this product is processed with UHT.

You can eat it by itself or in the component of cakes, desserts, mousses and other foods, for example the Asian cuisine uses it instead of sweet and clotted cream. Or add water to coconut cream and make lactic-free coconut milk! The recommended proportion of water and coconut cream is 2 and 3 or 4.

Energy: 370 kcal
Fat content: 24%

State of origin: Indonesia
Available in: 200 ml, 20 l box


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