Barco Coconut Oil

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Product Description

Cooking in a healthy way!

This product is a wholesome oil to cook. We sell it in a nature-friendly, refillable package! Recommended for everybody who would like to eat healthy. The coconut oil can also be built into fat reducing diets. Besides other values, the coconut oil is good for the immune system, digestion, and for skin or hair problems. For external and internal application.

The oil is obtained from the flesh of coconut, than the crude oil is cleaned and deodorized until it becomes completely clear, odourless coconut oil. It involves no artificial ingredients and has not been hydrogenized. In spite of the fact that it contains saturated sebacic acids, coco oil is the one of the healthiest fats because it consists 92 per cent in middle chain-length saturated sebacic acids. Its elementary substances arise from vegetable so it doesn’t have cholesterol content. Coconut oil is ideal to fat-reducing diets but it also suitable for prevention and treatment of cancer, renal and cardiac diseases, and hypertension. It strengthens and protects the immune system, the bones and teeth moreover it has an antiseptic effect which is very beneficial in cold temperature.

The Hungarian Diabetes Society recommends it for diabetics because coco oil gives energy to cells without insulin. It is also good for cooking because it has not any effect on the taste of foods, it does not become rancid and oxidized until 198°C. It means that any noxious matters get free during cooking contrasted with other oils and fats. This product is applicable for hair and skin treatment as well. It penetrates easily into the skin without any greasy smirches. The deeper internal skin tissues become stronger during absorption so our skin turns smoother, softer, silkier and younger. The Coconut oil is a powerful help in case of skin dryness and sunburn but it could be a wonderful base of any artisan cosmetics.
Coconut oil is fluent only over 25°C. In a lower temperature it solidifies. This is the reason of the wide-spread denomination “coco fat”. However, this change of the physical condition exercises not any bad influence on its quality.




Energy: 875 kcal
Saturated sebacic acid: 86 g
State of origin: Indonesia
Available in: 1000 ml bucket and 1000 ml refill pack


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