Meru Kókuszliszt vegán 500 gMeru Kókuszliszt adalékanyagmentes 500 g

Meru Extra Virgin Coconut Flour

Flour free from gluten for various applications


Product Description

This product is recommended for a gluten-free, paleolit, vegetarian, or vegan way of life, for fat reducing diet and for diabetics and everyone else who would like to cook from healthy ingredients.
Coconut flour is made from the fresh coconut flesh which is ground to dust after drying and degreasing. Not any synthetical materials or chemical procedures are adopted during its production, only the valuable and healthy nutritive materials of the coconut are maintained.
The coconut flour can be used in many different ways for example it is ideal for baking bread and cakes. Its substance is like flour made from wheat. It has a low carbohydrate content, however, it is an excellent source of protein. Considering other flours the coconut flour contains the highest rate of fibre (38,5 g). The long-distance consumption of coconut flour helps to prevent heart and arterial system diseases. It also helps vitamins to be absorbed and the immune system in order to work healthy.
We can use it with or without other flours. No sugar and sweeteners are added to it, however, we can use less sugar while baking. It emphasizes the taste of vanilla and chocolate. After all salted foods like baker’s wares, breads and sauces can be prepared with coconut flour perfectly.


Average nutritive property (per 100 g):
• Energy: 413 kcal
• Protein: 19 g
• Carbohydrate: 26 g, from this sugar: 8 g
• Fibre: 39 g
• Saturated sebacic acids: 8 g
• Simple saturated sebacic acids: 0,45 g
• Multiple saturated sebacic acids: 0,07 g
• Trans sebacic acids: 0 g
• Humidity: 2 g
• Vitamin B1: 0,02 mg
• Vitamin C: 15 mg
• Calcium: 32 mg


State of origin: Sri Lanka
Available in: 500 g pack


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